judith maniatis:  a gardener for all seasons

Judith Maniatis has been designing gardens for the past 15 years and has won accolades for her work in such discriminating publications as the Franklin Report, has been a guest lecturer on the subject of Container Gardening, has participated in New York City Decorator Showhouses and has been awarded for the gardens she designed at The New York Garden Show, the New England Grows Show in Boston, the Southport Garden Show honoring Albert Hadley at Greens Farms Academy in Connecticut.

As an expert at creating beautiful terrace and rooftop gardens that thrive year-round, Maniatis is especially known for her artistry in the garden. "Her selection of plant material is extraordinary -- blending sophisticated colors that offer diverse hues in the garden and striking texture with woody plants as well as ornamental grasses that accent lines and tall sculptural plants that work to change the visual scale within a garden. She is the consummate gardener slash artist who knows how to layer distinctive plants that bloom from one season to the next," said Kitty Burns Florey, client and author of "Script & Scribble, The History of Handwriting."

Maniatis and her personally trained staff install and maintain gardens throughout New York City and work with clients to help plan and install their garden designs. She emphasizes that the pairing of the right plant with the perfect pot sets the tone, creates the atmosphere of the garden, and becomes an extension of the indoor living area.

A native of Detroit, Judith was a fine art student at The Society of Arts & Crafts (known as the Center for Creative Studies, or CCS) in painting. She moved to Greece, and later returned to New York City, where she attended the New York Botanical Garden Design Program.

One of her specialties is the "Winter Garden" which she brings to life using pine boughs, juniper berries and holly, creating a natural "home for the holidays" effect. "I've learned over the years that there is no reason to put a garden to sleep during the colder months, no matter what its size or style. With just a little imagination, some sense of expectation, and most importantly trees and shrubs that create sculptural shapes in the garden and year round growth, you can have a winter wonderland right outside the terrace door."