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Located amidst a modern metropolis, The Van Dusen Mansion evokes a Richardson Romanesque style, complemented by spires and turrets of French Renaissance.  It is a stone mason's masterpiece, made entirely of hand-carved pink Sioux Quartzite. When guests enter through the porte cochere, they will be immersed in a lavish interior world adorned with rich woodwork, Persian rugs, stained glass windows and glistening chandeliers.

Beyond the mansion, we have several engaging spaces: a two-tiered carriage house, a spacious grand event center and an iron-gated courtyard graced with oriental lilacs, birch clusters and a dry stack stone wall.  Contact us today to schedule a private viewing.

The Van Dusen Mansion was built in 1892 for George Washington Van Dusen and his wife, Nancy. Mr. Van Dusen was an entrepreneur who founded Minnesota's first and most prosperous grain firm in 1883. After Mr. Van Dusen passed away, his estate remained in the family for decades. In the 1940s it was sold and began serving a variety of commercial uses. Many years later the property was abandoned. In 1994, a city permit was issued to demolish the grand, historic structure. Just two weeks before the demolition was to begin, a heroic investor swept in, bought the property, and initiated an epic three year restoration project. Thanks to a brilliant architect, tireless craftspeople and tremendous resources, the Van Dusen Mansion was restored to its original splendor and earned distinction on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the Van Dusen Mansion is an events center equipped for the 21st century and a beacon of old-world prosperity and elegance. In 1892, this treasure of a property was built to impress. Having now witnessed three centuries, the Van Dusen Mansion stands to impress once again, like never before.